• jlbrantley777

Why Make Stuff

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

There is something about making stuff that resonates deeply within everyone. Maybe it is an evolutionary survival thing. Maybe it has to do with being created in the image of the one who created everything. Maybe it’s just satisfying to see the tangible results of your efforts. 

Making stuff and relationships are two of the biggest things that leade to true satisfaction in life. is a place where both can be found. It is a community where people share ideas, tips, successes, and struggles. It is a place to learn and to grow and to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. There are many ways to “make”. You can make yourself into a better leader, communicator, parent, spouse, friend. You can make crafts. You can make your home a bigger, better, more welcoming place to live and entertain. You can make tools and equipment. You can make your life easier with “hacks”. Whatever you want to make this is the place to go to. No prior knowledge or skills are needed to get started. All that is required is openness and the determination to see your project through. Before you know it you will be experiencing the joys that come from making.

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